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In 1973 the Indian Wells City Council approved the building of access control / security gates for the Indian Wells Country Club Community, making it a gated community. In as much as public streets may not have restricted access, the City of Indian Wells abandoned the streets and changed their status from public to private. Subsequently the City formed the "Fire Access Maintenance District #1" (FAMD) and imposed a special tax to pay for the maintenance of the streets, common area landscaping services, gate access control, security and limited street and landscape lighting. (FAMD History and Summary)

The management of the FAMD is handled by Desert Resort Management, John Walters-Clark is the District Manager for the FAMD #1/Indian Wells Country Club Community. He can be reached by phone at 760.346.1161 or via email at FAMD@drminternet.com Unlike Homeowners Associations, the FAMD is a subsidiary district of the City of Indian Wells and subject to the provisions of the “Brown Act” as well as all of the same government standards and laws the City is bound by. The City has emergency right of way access to the Indian Wells Country Club Community (IWCCC) property at all times. Seven directors, one director from each of six residential sub districts and one director representing the management of the Indian Wells Country Club. With the exception of the “Club’s” representative, FAMD Directors are elected by the registered property owners of the IWCCC.

The FAMD’s Board’s primary responsibilities are:

There are just under 1000 private residences in the IWCCC with some 800 of them represented by 28 separate Home Owners Associations that operate separate and independent of the FAMD

The FAMD Board holds public meetings at the Indian Wells City Hall in the City Council chambers the second Thursday of each month at 2 PM. Residents and other interested parties are welcome and encouraged to participate.

FAMD Meeting Agendas and supporting materials are posted on this website as a courtesy; every effort is made to have all materials posted for review by 5:00 p.m. on the Monday prior to the regularly scheduled FAMD Board meeting date.

In accordance with the Brown Act, FAMD meeting agendas are physically posted outside of Indian Wells City Hall, outside of the Indian Wells Chamber of Commerce and outside of Ralph’s Grocery Store in Indian Wells – Village Shopping Center and the hard copy/paper form of all written materials are available in the lobby/reception area of City Hall for public review.