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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Dear IWCCC Resident,

Very early today, between midnight and 4 AM, a burglary occurred on Manitou Drive in the Manitou

Springs area of our community. Access to the home was through an unlocked sliding glass patio door

on the back of the house adjacent to the third fairway of the Classic Golf Course. The occupants were

asleep and fortunately no one was awakened or harmed. Designer purses, one with a wallet inside,

were stolen along with a significant amount of cash. The Indian Wells Police department is in the

process of conducting a comprehensive investigation of the incident.

The Indian Wells Police Department, and our onsite Security Service, urges all residents and guests to

make sure all doors and windows are locked before retiring for the evening and/or when leaving your

home unattended for any period of time. They also recommend that valuables, or any easily removed

items, be hidden from view whenever possible.

Please report any suspicious people and/or activities immediately to 9-1-1 and also call Security at the

Manitou Gate at 760-345-1307. All of our Security Officers are aware of this incident and will be on

high alert while on patrol.

For a complete list of crime prevention and safety and security tips from the City of Indian Wells please

go to the FAMD Web Site @ www.iwccfamd.net . Click here to go directly to the: >>>>>>>>>>>>

Crime Prevention Handbook ) 

If you have any questions or need assistance, please call the Manitou Gate Security Office at 760-345-


Thank you and be safe…

Larry “Bear” Bonafide

Board Chairman & District 5 Director

Fire Access Maintenance District #1 (FAMD)

Indian Wells Country Club Community


Dear IWCCC Resident:
This is a reminder to all of us to be vigilant at all times. Please ensure that all doors and windows to your residence and the garage are locked and secure. If you have a residence alarm, please set it each time you leave your residence. 

For a complete list of crime prevention, safety and security tips from the City of Indian Wells please go to the FAMD Web Site ( Crime Prevention Handbook )
Resident Bulletin Board Tab – Crime Prevention Handbook.



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