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Adopted on June 3, 2015, Ordinance No. 689 will take effect July 6, 2015. Detailed below are updated provisions from the ordinance. To see the ordinance in its entirety, click here

  • Provides a 30 day registration period for any property owner not currently registered to become "grandfathered." The registration period will be from July 6, 2015 to August 3, 2015Click here for the application.
  • Allows all grandfathered short-term rentals to rent for a minimum stay of seven (7) days and seven (7) nights year-round.
  • Requires non-grandfathered short-term rentals (any property registered after August 3, 2015) to rent for a minimum stay of 29 days.
  • Allows all licensed and permitted short-term rentals (not just grandfathered properties) to rent their property for a minimum stay of seven (7) days and seven (7) nights during the one week preceding, and three days after conclusion, of the annual BNP Paribas Tennis Tournament.
  • Property owners in a Homeowner's Association (HOA) or Common Interest Development (CID) must get a short-term rental business license and permit. Click here for map.
  • The updated ordinance does not allow the City to enforce the minimum stay provisions of a HOA or CID.
  • A HOA or CID can petition the City, through formal action of their board, to be covered by the minimum stay requirements of the short-term rental ordinance by submitting a letter to the City c/o the Community Development Department.

Other pertinent information:

All short-term rental property owners must submit a Responsible Party Registration Form for every rental contract executed via the City of Indian Wells website, click here.

All short-term rental property owners must submit a TOT form quarterly even if it's a zero balance. Click here for form.